The information below applies to Photographic Centre Peri’s exhibition space at the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art. At the turn of the year Peri will move to Kunsthalle Turku, at the Old Town House.

Photographic Centre Peri is looking for interesting contemporary photography art for the gallery’s exhibition program twice a year. Particularly new, in Turku previously unseen contemporary photographic art productions suitable for Peri’s white cube gallery, as well as multi-artistic, experimental and artistic approaches to photography are welcomed to submit. Besides photography in the traditional meaning, the exhibition may deal with different views on seeing, perceiving, producing, archiving or using lens based images. Proposals can be made by artists using photography or lens based art, also work groups may apply. We invite applicants to propose creative, audience engaging programs in connection to the exhibitions.

The first period in spring is reserved for a debut exhibition. The open call for the spring exhibition 4.-27.5. is open to artists, photographers or students who have never had a solo exhibition in a Finnish gallery before. The debut artist or photographer will be invited to show her/his first solo exhibition in Peri’s gallery and awarded a production scholarship of 1 000 euros. We will publish the selection of stipend artist 2018 on March 20th. We thank TOP-säätiö for supporting the grant.



The gallery

Peri’s light exhibition space is located in the quarters of Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, by the river Aura in Turku, the culture capital of Finland. Peri shows around ten open call selection based and two invitation based exhibitions a year. The gallery has around 10 000 visitors yearly. Peri’s exhibitions are always free of charge.

The gallery is 102 squaremeters divided into two spaces separated by a partial wall. The rooms are 3,5m high and the wall area for hanging is between 135m2 and 165m2. The gallery has dimmable skylight windows and LED spotlights. The space is airy and light, wherefore video works or installations are best shown from a screen or in the smaller space. There is ventilation, temperature and humidity regulation, as well as digital surveillance all according to contemporary art museum requirements. A couple of smaller screens in an exhibition stand and a 60 inch information screen in the gallery lounge may be used for screening. A photo library with service desk is situated in the gallery lobby. The service desk is manned during events, at other times the closest staff is found downstairs at the WAM desk.

Gallery GROUND PLAN (pdf)

360 view
More images (from exhibition openings) showing the space are found on Peri’s Facebook page.

Engaging programs and Notes on the exhibition writing

Photographic Centre Peri has during the past few years called for artists to organize audience engaging events in connection to the exhibitions. The artist-led program may be, for example, a workshop, process presentation, open studio photography, music or other performance, city tour, conceptual café, market, blog, radio or podcast, photo booth, game, play, or other interactive event, happening or action associated with the exhibition, where the visitor gets a chance to meet the artist through participation . The artist will be compensated for organization the social program. Peri assist in the arrangements and takes care of the information of the event. The artist can also suggest more traditional programs such as a lecture, an artist meeting or a discussion event. In such cases compensation is provided only for travel.

Examples on previous artist initiated programs are:
David Wills / Wunderwall: Photo Grab 31.8.2014.
Minna Pöllänen / Nature Trail: Tourist Tour Turku (event information only in Finnish and Swedish) 6.9.2014.
Niclas Warius / Vanitas: Still life installation 4.10.2014.
Atelieri O. Haapala / Time travel: Open Studio 13.12.2014.
Milla Toukkari / Folding, enunciating: collage workshop 5.7.2015.
Milja Laurila / Magnetic sleep: walk in workshop 6.9.2015.
Discussion event on otherness with Jaakko Pesonen, Sara Heinämaa and Saara Ekström 19.2.2016.
Mari Hokkanen’s play with trash workshop 23.3.2016.
Anna Niskanen´s cyanotype workshop 28.4 (information in Finnish)
Nayab Noor Ikram & Johan F. Karlsson: Glitch art drop-in -workshop / Ateljépasset 3.9.2017
Discussion panel 5.12.2017: artist Lilli Haapala and researchers John Björkman, Minna-Kerttu Vienola and Nina Kokkinen.

In addition to the artist’s media release, Photographic Centre Peri publishes a writing called Notes on the exhibition in connection to some exhibitionsThe texts are written by invited experts with the aim to familiarize exhibition visitors with the subject matter. The writing may relate to the exhibition theme or the artist’s working methods. The subject matter may also be expanded to complement the exhibition theme with the author’s own profession or research topic. The writings will be published in connection to the gallery exhibition, as well as on Peri’s web site. The artist may use the writing in unofficial presentations and applications, other publications must be agreed upon with the author. The following Notes on the exhibition examples have been written in Finnish, but the text can also be made in English or Swedish.
Jane Vuorinen: ”Abstraktin valokuvan ontologia”
Petteri Kummala: ”Hybridimaiseman kauneutta”
Tiina Salmia: ”Mitä jos metsässä kaatuu puu, eikä kukaan ole ottamassa kuvaa?”
Emilia Karjula: ”Saarella”
Esko Valtaoja: “Twenty-eight Thoughts About the Moon” 
Elina Laine: “Muotoilla maailma uusiksi”
Susanna Lindberg: “Jälkiä rantahietikolla”

Exhibition fee and services

Peri does not aquire gallery rent from artists, but a part of the arrangement costs is covered through an exhibition fee. The fee for 2018 is 1 000 euros. The debut exhibition includes an exhibition period without exhibition fee. If Peri receives the applied support the exhibition fee will be reduced for all artists in 2018. The final fee is confirmed in February.
An exhibition contract includes the following services and products:

  • Gallery rent and exhibition supervision during the exhibition
  • Design, printing and local distribution of appr. 100 (A4, A3, A2) exhibition posters of which 10 (A4) posters to the artist
  • Design, printing and distribution of appr. 1 000 spring- and autumn exhibition brochures of which 10 to the artist
  • Translations (Finnish/Swedish/English) of exhibition statement and list of works
  • Proofreading and compilation of press release, sending electronic invitations to Peri’s email lists (c. 1 750 ppl)
  • Publishing releases on Peri’s website and several online calendars
  • Updates on social media, including Facebook event with invitations and Instragram posting
  • Assistance with installing and dismounting the exhibition
  • Arranging, hosting and serving at the exhibition opening
  • Art sale and sale of supplemental material (20% provision)
  • Visitors statistics, media coverage and exhibition documentation

Artists are responsible for transporting the artwork, insurances during transport and exhibition duration as well as their own travelling costs.

Peri is searching for new premises and may be moving at the end of 2018. The next open call for exhibitions will be announced as soon we have a confirmed gallery space for 2019.

Further information:
phone +358 (0)40 3501954