I cross the lawn from the road to the yard with my bicycle. I pick up my backpack from the rack and climb the steps to the front door. After pushing the key into the lock, I turn the key and pull the door open. I step in and place my backpack on a turquoise chair. Scanning the darkness, I look at the furniture that almost seems to be sleeping. A black cord rests on the refrigerator. The house is completely silent. I open the curtains. Daylight flows through the rooms, bringing them to life.

The green house used to be the home of my great-aunt who lived to the age of 100. Before that, many other people called these tiny rooms their home. Should I now call it my house, or does it belong to everyone who used to live there? How can the past and the present be sensed at the same time? Is the house something permanent?

Using a white fabric as a background, I photograph some coats I found in the wardrobe by the front door. Later, I draw on my photographs. The grey traces of the pencil glisten on the surface of the paper, hiding the image behind it, fading it to the background. I copy the surface of the wooden floor on a sheet of paper. Drawing is a performative, spatial process, and its result, the drawing, is a record of the time spent in the house. I experiment with combining photography and the motion of drawing. Do they start interacting?

The pieces, photographs, drawings, collages and items in the exhibition explore the concept of leaving a place and returning to it. Through the house, I examine the need to belong somewhere and, on the other hand, the ever-present sense of detachment. Green houseapproaches one’s own history which is sometimes hard to comprehend when looking at it from up close, and time, the pace and progress of which is sometimes difficult to grasp.


Susanna Kesänen (1983) is an artist who works with photography, drawing, collage, sewing and objects. She graduated in 2017 with a Master’s degree in Arts from the photography department of Aalto University Field of Art and Design. Green housewas exhibited in the Studio of Photographic Gallery Hippolyte in September 2017; the pieces currently housed by PERI expand the first version of the exhibition.

Albumi III, 2017