In the exhibition comprising photographs, text, sound, archive material and sculptural elements, Niina Vatanen deals with questions concerning time and our perception of it. One of the central characters is primordial god Khronos who is considered to be the personification of time in Greek mythology. In the exhibition perception meets intuition, material encounters immaterial, fiction confronts fact, and life faces death.

The central theme in Greek tragedies was a description of a human’s battle against their destiny and plans of gods. The tragedies discussed religious or existential topics, such as the relationship between man and gods, questions of existence, and destiny. These themes are an essential part of humanity. Still today we are going through the frustrating and futile struggle against time, oblivion and death.

In her work Vatanen combines several techniques. Photographs are accompanied with marble, ash, wood and textile; materials that have been exposed to time in many different ways. In the works lightness alternates with weight, playfulness with graveness. As a part of the installation is a soundtrack, a melody played with tuned metal rods, composed by musician Tero Vänttinen. The texts included in the works have been written by author Marjo Niemi.

The exhibition has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


Horse I & Horse II