Photographic Centre Peri participates in SNAP – a photography festival aimed at children and young people. Organized for the first time, the festival will bring the voices of children and young people into the public space, through photography.

A new collaborative project between The Finnish Museum of Photography and regional photographic centers was started in 2017. The project continues until November 2018 and will culminate in SNAP-festivals being organized throughout Finland. The project is funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

There are altogether seven regional photographic centers involved in the project; Fotocentrum Raseborg, Raasepori; The Centre for Creative Photography, Jyväskylä; Ostrobothnian Photography Centre, Lapua; Northern Photographic Centre, Oulu; Photographic Centre Nykyaika, Tampere; Photographic Centre Peri, Turku and VB Photographic Centre, Kuopio. This collaboration is the first of its kind.

Photographic Centre Peri is working together with Raseborg Photographic Centre in producing workshops for school children. The theme of the workshops is “handmade”. It gives children a chance to become acquainted with pinhole cameras, cyanotype printing and photo collages, art forms where random chance plays a part and the results are unimaginable.

The workshops were organized in March 2018 in schools of Raseborg and Turku area. They were lead by professional artists and art instructors Stella Tiisala, Jan Jämsén, Hans G. Hästbacka and Eva Tordera. The art works made in the workshops will be seen at the festival in November, when Photographic Centre Peri and Raseborg Photographic Centre will produce an exhibition of the children’s works. Before that the works can be seen on the project’s web page and on Instagram with hashtag #snapfest18.

More information:

national coordinator Anna Airaksinen, p. 050 577 5742,
regional coordinator (South-Western Finland) Suvi Kiukas, p. 050 5423582,


Photos from workshops in Kirjala school and Nagu school. Photos: Nayab Ikram. 

Nayab Ikram_ SNAP_MG_8730 Nayab Ikram_ SNAP_MG_8827 Nayab Ikram_ SNAP_MG_8860 Nayab Ikram_ SNAP_MG_8895 Nayab Ikram_ SNAP_MG_8187 Nayab Ikram_ SNAP_MG_8246 Nayab Ikram_ SNAP_MG_8329 Nayab Ikram_ SNAP_MG_8511