Welcome to the exhibition opening in the presence of the artist Thursday February 8th from 6 to 8pm.

Kira Leskinen’s exhibition Anouk consists of a body of works created with a flatbed scanner. The technique is known as scanography: art created with a scanner.

The imagery in the pieces is abstract. The vivid red pushes towards the viewer, the yellow finds peace and the black recedes into the distance. The clarity of forms is essential. The images draw some of their expressive influence from the simple yet powerful colours and imagery of Ellsworth Kelly and Carmen Herrera, pioneers of modern abstract painting. The body of works exhibited at Photographic Centre Peri draws parallels between the intense colours and the black-and-white, more aesthetically subdued pieces of Leskinen with echoes from the early photographic abstractions of the 1920s.

In her works, Leskinen combines the traditional paper collage technique with the digital expression of a flatbed scanner. Leskinen has cut up and torn forms from her raw materials, paper and cardboard, to outline images on the glass pane of a scanner. This part of the working process is somewhat similar to photograms made on photographic paper by means of traditional darkroom work. During the scanning, Leskinen pulls, lifts and turns the image elements. Combining this movement with the motions of the scanner’s sensor creates various digital distortions and anomalies in the image. These anomalies give the images their final form.

The exhibition focuses on the artist’s interest in how the concepts of silence, repetition, rhythm and improvisation can be applied in a graphic format. What does the combination of blue and orange sound like? What does it feel like on the tip of one’s tongue? Leskinen utilises these auditive sensations evoked by images to name her pieces, using phonetic principles as the primary method in the naming process.

Kira Leskinen (1987) is a photographic artist from Helsinki. In her works, she examines abstract expression, emphasising the relationship between colour and form. Her works have been exhibited at international art fairs, such as Paris Photo (2016) and ARCO Madrid (2017). The Anouk exhibition at Photographic Centre Peri is her third solo exhibition.

The exhibition has been supported by the arts exhibition grant committee of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.




Live scanography and music improvisation
at Photographic Centre Peri Saturday 24 February 4-5pm

Visual artist Kira Leskinen, folk musician Amanda Kauranne and sound artist Mikko H. Haapoja are improvising by means of image and music. In interaction with sonic improvisation of Kauranne and Haapoja, Leskinen will create new works with her flatbed scanner. Free admission. Welcome!

Kira Leskinen: flatbed scanner
Amanda Kauranne: vocal improvisation
Mikko H. Haapoja: live electronics, bowed lyre

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