Get on the scales and take a deep breath. Look at the number on the scales and focus your thoughts on the concept of weight (Weight is mass, density of matter and gravity.)

Get off the scales and write a list of your needs for the day. Start with your basic needs and proceed towards more complex ones. Be precise and focus on the materials and interdependences. Which products and structures do you need? What they are made of? From where are they brought? From how far and how? What does it take for you to go from place A to place B? How do you stay warm? How do you communicate? What is the material foundation of your communication? Keep writing the list until you tire of it. Take note how long you were able to concentrate before reaching the point of boredom. Burn the list.

Go to a swimming hall, climb the diving platform and jump; in the air, you weigh nothing.


Heavily Carefree is a photographic study of how concern for the environment moulds the human experience of existence. The image entities in the exhibition are linked by themes of imprint, weight, touch and guilt. The pieces focus on the melancholy related to the heavy impacts of everyday actions. Equally important in the pieces is the individual’s aspiration towards levity and the attempts to act right and have a respectful connection with the surrounding reality.

The exhibition touches on the discourse on the epoch of Anthropocene; how to face the impact of your existence during a time when that impact is decisively omnipresent. The Anthropocene makes people aware of the increasing consequences of human activity. Even though the scientific community has not yet officially approved the concept of Anthropocene, its highlighted notion of human impact on the planetary ecosystem has already established itself as part of a diverse dialogue.

The exhibition focuses on the individual in the middle of their actions; on the observation and emotional interpretation of the scale of humanity’s actions and their consequences. Subtle images of weights hanging from a piece of string, dislocated rocks, potholes and surfaces of work sites engage discreetly in the examination of the significances of causation. Korpijaakko’s time spent in China and Japan is reflected in the visuality of the exhibition. In the pieces, the empty white of paper provides a place in relation to which the photographs set themselves.

Heavily Carefree is summarised by a conflicting idea of a kiss as a force of erosion. The space of the exhibition builds a type of gentle elegy of care, a proposal for an attitude and a focus on a detail: when thousands of hands wear down rock that has been declared sacred.

Kastehelmi Korpijaakko (1984) is a photographic artist from Helsinki. Her works have been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. The exhibition displayed at Photographic Centre Peri is an updated sequel to the exhibition featured in Photographic Gallery Hippolyte in Helsinki in the autumn of 2016. Korpijaakko’s works are characterised by a philosophic approach and an interest towards the material nature of the photograph as well as various forms of presentation. An ecological mindset and ethical questions form the core of Korpijaakko’s work. Korpijaakko spent the spring of 2017 as an artist-in-residence in the Yamaguchi Prefecture, invited by the Finnish Institute in Japan.


nettisivuille.Todiste n.220715pkopio

Todiste n.220715, 2016