#knaggi is an ongoing project in which the artist duo Knaggi documents every photo on Instagram which has been tagged with the hashtag ”knaggi” in chronological order. On social media, hashtags are a form of metadata and are represented by the pound sign (#). The hashtag is used to mark keywords in order to categorise images, messages or topics. In #knaggi, each photo is repeated in its original size as it appears on an iPhone screen by the number of likes it has received. Meaning, that if a photo has received twelve likes, the image is repeated twelve times. Each print is 105×100 cm in size, mounted on aluminium frames and is large enough to create a mosaic of images. The images are stacked vertically in chronological order, continuing on to the next print when the surface has been filled. The work combines both the automatic generation of content, personal spheres, digital personas and archival methods which are done by hand.

Knaggi is interested in the physicality and the archival aspect of these ephemeral images, originally intended to have a short life of a quick “scroll”. They have been active users of Instagram for a number of years, and have been documenting their lives as an artist duo, traveling to residencies and doing exhibitions in various places. The project started in 2013 and has expanded rapidly since its conception. As the project grows and their friends and the audience is becoming more aware of the impact they have on the project (a larger number of ”likes” results in a larger number of prints), it is their intent to explore and question the value of the ”like” and what value it has to our identities that now is being lived both online and offline. This work materialises this digital content, which was only created to exist and circulate in “the cloud”, in order to give solid form to the products of our increasingly interconnected minds. While the work itself is a look into the lives, movements, activities, work, friendship, relationships and collaboration of the artists, in its complete form it is also becomes a form of metadata. This exhibition of #knaggi at Photographic Centre Peri is the most complete manifestation of the work to date.

Knaggi is an artist duo consisting of Arngrímur Borgþórsson (b. 1979, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland) and Andreas Knag-Danielsen (b. 1983, Bergen, Norway). They work in Malmö, Sweden, and have been collaborating since 2011.

Knaggi has exhibited at various venues in Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Norway, including Malmö Konsthall (SE), Galleri 2 in Lofoten (NO), SÍM gallery in Reykjavík (IS), Oslo Prosjektrom (NO), The Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen (DK) and participated at Supermarket Art Fair 2015 (SE). Recent exhibitions include “Höstsalongen” at Fotografiska Museet in Stockholm (SE) and a solo exhibition at Galleri Pictura in Lund (SE).

Their collaborative work focuses, among other things, on the ethical, evolutionary, cultural and social implications of living and co-existing with the internet and technology as a presence in our everyday lives. Contemporary culture envelopes us in virtual reality, and while the substance it consists of may be ethereal, the contents exist in reality and have substantial influence beyond the confines of the computer. It is on those boundaries of the digital and the physical which the majority of their collaborative work takes place. A key aspect in their work is creating physical objects from material which only existed digitally before the creation of the object. These are the building blocks of their collaborative work. Their individual works often strike a similar cord, which is one of the reasons for their collaboration. The ever-present thread running through their body of work is a continuous anthropological examination of human behaviour.


With support from The Icelandic Visual Arts Fund & Mediaverkstaden



#knaggi, 2014-ongoing


In the smaller gallery space we show the video art screening TOO MUCH, curated by Inari Sandell and Hertta Kiiski, both members of the Peri Artistic Advisory Group.

TOO MUCH shows us an intimate view of contemporary life in a public space. It examines how we are immersed in ourselves, shaping our identities online and dealing with it – sometimes awkwardly – in real life. Often online seems more real than IRL.

The video art screening presents works by the following invited artists:

Arvida Byström (SWE) & Maja Malou Lyse (DNK): Selfie Stick Aerobics, 2015
Get ready for some high energy selfie admiration!

Jennifer Chan (CAN): Important Objects, 2014
A confessional video portrait involving a still life with overpainted nails, balls and butter.

Shana Moulton (USA): Restless Leg Saga, 2012
Restless Leg Saga is another installment in the Artist’s series of videos entitled Whispering Pines. In this episode, Cynthia seeks a cure for her Restless Legs Syndrome in televised pharmaceutical ads and the pages of Prevention Magazine. During a sleepless moment in the bathroom, mystic truths are revealed to Cynthia in the form of poetry written and read by poet John Coletti. Therapeutic release is achieved through AION A, a healing mineral discovered by Swiss artist Emma Kunz.

Molly Soda (USA): Let’s Get Out Of This Place, 2017
“Let’s Get Out Of This Place” is a live desktop performance that has been screen recorded and archived. Molly Soda sings a karaoke version of the song “Tempted” by Squeeze while she dances around a stuffed bear, often seen in her work. Sparkling .gifs and glitter graphics frame the video – giving an intentional look of having too many windows or tabs open.

Georges Jacotey (GRC): art success, 2016
Is there life outside careerism? Georges yearns for art success so they can take care of their partner and dogs. Love glimmers in the distance and to them it’s the only thing that makes sense. Silly hopes. Videos from an old phone. Kinda a poem.


Still from Molly Soda: Let’s Get Out Of This Place, 2017