Before the nights get dark there is still time to experience the wonder of the camera obscure phenomenon at Turku Cathedral Square. During Turku Night of the Arts event and Turbaani Urban Festival 17th-18th of August there are guided tours and acrobatic performances by Turku Art Academy students of circus Hannu Pham, Ira Oinonen and Jere Virta and a performance by artist group Annikki Levomaa, Liisi Lukkarinen and Joel Törrönen.

The Night of the Arts 17th and Friday 18th August
Place: Turku Cathedral Square, Camera container
1-5PM guided tours
5-6PM performances:
5.15PM acrobatics and wushu by Hannu Pham
5.30PM acrobatics by Ira Oinonen and Jere Virta
5.45PM performance by Annikki Levomaa, Liisi Lukkarinen, Joel Törrönen

In co-operation with Turku Night of the Arts and Turbaani Urban Festival.

Visiting the camera obscura and the performances are free of charge!

More information:
Project Coordinator Suvi Kiukas
phone 040 350 1954