In the exhibition Mapping Memory, we explore memories and our relationships with places. The exhibition consists of installations, videos and photographs, combined with pixel sorting and web mapping. The works exhibit the structure of an abstract image in an organised pattern.

In the exhibition, we have reinterpreted the digital environment and reconstructed memories. We use distortion to adapt the media to us, thus expanding our concept of reality by introducing new perspectives. By observing the surrounding world, we create fragments of recollective value where we share the presence related to different places.

Our individual concept of an image has developed side by side with digital media. In the exhibition, this observation balances on the borderline between the physical and the virtual world.


Johan F. Karlsson examines how we collectively orient ourselves around an image in the visual culture of today. In his artistic work, he explores the transient states of body and presence around an image as well as the influence of this shift on our manner of perceiving space. Karlsson creates various points of encounter between virtual and corporeal space by means of photography, videos and installations.

Artist Johan F. Karlsson (1984) lives in Malmö and Helsinki. His work has previously been on display in Sweden, Switzerland and a number of venues in Finland. He is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Photography at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki.

Nayab Noor Ikram works with concepts related to cultural identity and the formation of identities. She approaches the perspectives of identity through photography, video and installation. The objective of Ikram’s studies and interactive art is to create dialogue between person and object in a public space. The resulting communication has to do with both personal and collective memories, expressed with the help of abstract texts, images and sounds. Abstract form of expression is Ikram’s way of challenging our methods of communication.

Nayab Noor Ikram (1992) is a photographer and visual artist from Åland. Her roots lie in Pakistan, and she currently lives in Turku. Ikram graduated as a Bachelor of Culture and Arts specialised in photography from Novia University of Applied Sciences, Jakobstad, in 2015. In the spring of 2017, the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland granted her a one-year trainee scholarship. In the summer of 2017, she founded the PPLATS journal.


Nayab Noor Ikram’s & Johan F. Karlsson’s  Glitch Art drop-in workshop at Photographic Centre Peri on Sunday 3rd September from 3 to 5 pm. The workshop is held in Swedish and English, it is open to anyone interested and free of charge. The workshop is part of the event Kulkulupa. More information here.

nettisivuilleJoahn.F. Karlsson

Johan F. Karlsson: Catedral de Sal, 2016


nettisivuille.NayabIkram-Distortion kopio

Nayab Noor Ikram: Distortion III, 2016