suomifinland100-tunnus_sininen_rgbHonouring the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence and the 175th anniversary of the first Finnish photograph, Photographic Centre Peri offers to the public an opportunity to explore the basic principle of an image forming. Camera Obscura is latin and means darkened room. Light travels through a small hole and projects an upside down image of outside view to the opposite wall.

Camera Obscura 2017 project is open to all. A unique space for basic photographic principle is brought to historic milieu of Turku Cathedral Square inside a container. The project is a part of the Programme on Finland 100 years.

Turku Cathedral Square is just a stone’s throw away from where first Finnish photograph was taken. In 1842 doctor Henrik Cajander photographed a view from Uudenmaankatu. This is the oldest existing photograph taken in Finland. Camera obscura combines a cultural landscape of Turku Cathedral with people walking through a central location, making the experience of camera obscura livelier and vivid.

There are guided tours, workshops and other program to enhance the visual experience of Camera Obscura. Guided tours explain the phenomena and combine it to photography in general and local history.

The container opens at 8th of June during Urban Art Festival Olohuone 306,4 km2 – the opening event is organized in co-operation with Art Association Olohuone. Container is open to public daily during the festival and there are free guided tours. At Saturday 10 th of June 1-6 PM there is a free drop-in workshop for all. Photographic artist Heidi Lunabba will guide how to make your very own camera obscura device.

During the summer of 2017 the container will also visit other places and summer events in Finland, for instance Farmer Agricultural Exhibition in Seinäjoki and Ruisrock festival. The container returns to Turku Cathedral Square during the event Night of the Arts on 17th August. The last two weeks of August are reserved for school groups with specific educational workshops led by photographic artist Heidi Lunabba.

Program and schedule of the tour (will be updated regularly on Facebook and on this site):

8th-10th June Turku Cathedral Square / Urban Art Festival Olohuone 306,4km2
– 8th-9th June 12 AM-5 PM guided tours
– 10th June 1-6 PM drop in -workshop led by Heidi Lunabba (more information about the workshop)
14th-17th June Farmari Agricultural Exhibition / Seinäjoki
20th June-2nd July Cultural center Vanha Paukku / Lapua
7th-9th July Ruisrock-festival / Ruissalo, Turku
17th-18th August Turku Cathedral Square / Night of the Arts in Turku and Turbaani Urban Festival
– 1-5 PM guided tours
– 5-6 PM acrobatic performances
21st-29th August Turku Cathedral Square /workshops led by Heidi Lunabba
– 21st-22nd and 28th-29th August 8 AM-3 PM workshops for children
– 27th August 1-6 PM workshop: Soda Can Camera