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The image in Tuomo Rainio’s works seem to be under development. Instead of motifs and themes, objects and subjects, Rainio’s works are based on movement and constant change. As concepts, these structure our experience of existence. Rainio’s digital experiments stretches the limits of photography as they ask us fundamental questions about perception. The starting point for the works is digital noise, a sort of chaotic and unstructured space, free from forms or figures.

“I work with a wide range of photography and the images used in my works can either be found or my own production, the process itself is essential. I often use self-developed computer software that allows me to translate ideas into code language. I am interested in how an abstract idea can be conceptualized and written into an algorithm that produces or edits an image. ”

Possible object is a beacon for perception or imagination grasping on to amorphous noise. In the images this unidentified, however from its background clearly distinguishable target, is called possible object. It’s vaguely existing in the borderlands of language and perception, and it will not reveal anything about itself. It leads us to a paradoxal area in the image, where visual reality functioning as material loses its credibility and the only assessment criteria is the photograph itself.

“The expression possible object is used to indicate a target for which there is no definite information. I found the concept originally by chance from the news about the missing Malaysia Airlines airplane. A satellite image was published showing a possible object. A photograph is considered evidence of something in the image, even though the image alone cannot determine exactly what it is. This short-circuit created by ambivalent presentation forms the basis for the exhibition ”

Digital image as mathematic structure resembles a space of possibilities, a state of noise. We recognize the image object as pixels settle in a familiar manner, but as pixels dissolve or shifts outside the image, the horizon appears as unknown. In Rainio’s works, the notion of motif is inseparable to the method of photography: for example, when shaking a digital photograph with a computer program the pixels exchange places, and a variety of blends can produce an almost infinite number of different images. Digital image noise produces photographs as amorphous mass and unidentified signals, but in the midst, there may also be something exceptional and visionary.


Tuomo Rainio (b. 1983) is a visual artist working with photography, video and installation art. He often combines conceptual approaches with different possibilities of expression through digital techniques. Rainio obtained a Master’s of Arts degree from the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2011. He was awarded the European Month of Photography Award in 2008 and the Finnish Art Society’s Ducat-prize in 2015.

The Exhibition is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Finnish Cultural Foundation.


possible_object_nettiin Possible Object, 2015