Inari Sandell’s art originates from the collision of everyday reality and dreaming. Her works move between reveries, longing and harsh disappointments. Image of a grainy sunset is the kind of picture that is taken when a person has a feeling of being able to see far and be free. And then there are those moments when your very existence must be ensured by taking a selfie: tearful eyes in the bathroom mirror and the expectation of something to happen. In the exhibition, everyday reality and mediated escapism encounter but never quite seamlessly. The Internet offers one way to escape, but it is as tangible as the everyday reality “in real life”. And that is why their collision is so painful.

In her recent works Sandell has also tackled the theme of presence and particularly the difficulty of being present. One of the works in the exhibition, thus, is a kind of mindfulness exercise.  According to Sandell, the prevailing mobile culture causes dispersion of presence and creates certain alienation from the reality. Therefore it becomes even more difficult for us to concentrate. By generating continuous photo stream of everyday life we in a way get a chance to reach eternity, dreams and ideals – and create our own reality.

Life Be Like presents life as a meme, and for Sandell it is a natural way to deal with her experiences. A meme is often a simple mantra combined with picture, and together or separately, they begin to live their own lives. Sandell hopes that her exhibition is viewed the same way – with humour and by identifying oneself with it.

Inari Sandell’s and Mortti Saarnia’s collaborative work #forever will be released together with the exhibition. The book combines pictures of their mutual Minä, ikuisesti project that examined selfie and mobilesnapshot photography.

Inari Sandell is the invited artist of the Photographic Centre Peri’s artistic committee for Spring 2016. Graduating as a Visual artist from the Arts Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences, Sandell has been granted for the exhibition, Peri’s first production scholarship. Sandell uses in her art cultural conventions based on mobile phone pictures and sharing them. The photographs in the exhibition are taken with smartphones as a diary-like document, selfies included.  Life Be Like is Sandell’s diploma work and her first solo exhibition.

Performances by Marsalkka Kallas and Itä-Hollola Installaatio at the exhibition opening 31 March at 6 pm. 


Promises, 2014