The exhibition consists of a video installation and three photographic series. The central theme is connected to the deconstruction of reality and image structures in an age of digital and analogue overlapping.  Starting point has been an idea of the digital image as an original and how that image is destroyed and altered during different processes, finally attaining new qualities.

As an artist Juan Kasari is interested in stretching the concept of a photograph and breaking it’s texture with experimental substances. In his works, Kasari combines epoxy lacquer and pure pigment to achieve digital effects. He also uses digital and numeric means in making of the images.

In the series Broken image Kasari dismantles digital image material into fragments and alters the digital code at times randomly, at times in a closely measured way. The project started by a coincidence and serves as an example of how an artist can use scientific means and equipment wrong. The files on a hard drive were damaged and restored by an image-repairing software. The resulting images were nevertheless completely different from the original ones. The software claimed to have used the right coding and repairing measures. This started a chain of notions about the original form of an image and of how, and what an image truly is.

In the work Spectroscope Juan Kasari has photographed white light through three prism glasses and a Spectroscope device. A spectroscope is used to measure properties of light over a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The whole project is a sort of restoration of harmony into a broken worldview. The character of the works and their processes seem slow, even meditative.

In the series Filters, reference to a film Kasari has photographed equipment used in taking photographs, such as filters.

Juan Kasari (b.1974), a MA from the Academy of fine arts, Time and Space Arts study programme, is a visual artist living and working in Helsinki. His works have recently been shown at Photographic gallery Hippolyte and MUU Gallery in Helsinki, as well as several group exhibitions in Finland and Abroad.

kasari_nelja40x40_pienempikokoNeljä, from Series Filters, References to a Film